"Blake started working with my son, Mark, his high school freshman year
in the Spring of 2005. Mark's goal was to  earn a starting position at
Left Tackle for the Austin High Maroons 5A varsity as a sophomore. Blake
taught him proper weightlifting technique to keep him safe from injury
as well as the core exercises that really helped his balance, agility
and quickness. In addition, Blake taught him offensive line
technique...so far advanced to what he would learn in High School that
not only did he achieve his goal, but received numerous accolades at
the district, state and national levels. Mark received offers from all
over the country; choosing to follow Blake to his alma mater , The
University of Texas and play for the Longhorns!! To this day Blake
stays in touch with Mark, providing him invaluable insights on both the
mental and physical aspects of offensive line play at the highest
levels. My son and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Blake
Brockermeyer for his teachings, insights and friendship! If you or your
son have a desire to excel at offensive line, I can think of no greater
opportunity than to work with Blake!! "
Bob Buchanan

I started working with Blake when I was a tall, skinny, 8th grader. Since
then, Blake has been instrumental to my development, both physically and
mentally. He has pushed me to be the best athlete that I can be, while
guiding me in the right way to get there. Physically, Blake has helped me
add tons of strength and size while maintaining and even improving speed and
agility. Mentally, Blake has helped me develop toughness and also knowledge
about what's required to compete at the next level. Blake has also been
invaluable in teaching me blocking and rushing skills that really work.

Blake has been a true mentor to me in the best sense of the word. As a
result of Blake¹s mentoring, as well as the excellent coaching I received at
All Saints and a lot of hard work, I received offers from programs in the
Pac10, SEC, and Big 12. Much to Blake's chagrin, I am headed to Texas A&M to
play tight end.

Now my brother (currently in 8th grade) is starting to work with Blake. I
expect him to have the same great experience that I have had!
Hutson Prioleau