Blake Brockermeyer

  • Arlington Heights HS 91 All American
  • U Texas 95 All American
  • Carolina Panthers 95-98 1ST Round Draft pick/ 4 year starter left tackle
  • Chicago Bears 99-01 3-year starter at left tackle
  • Denver Broncos 02-03 started multiple games after a career threatening injury in 01
  • Certified Performance Coach 04-present.
  • Football/Strength and Conditioning specialist All Saints Episcopal HS 05-present
  • Married with four children.

Having played and competed at the highest level of athletics my whole life, I realized years ago as my body was breaking down that I had done almost everything wrong. I trained wrong, listened to the wrong people, and had no game plan to preserve and recover my body from the abuse it had endured. Thankfully when I had hit rock bottom I met a trainer from Canada who showed me a different way to train. Paul Gagne introduced me to functional training, and that peaked my interest in a career in helping others after my NFL career ended.

I would like to thank Paul, Mel Siff (deceased), Mike Boyle, Mark Verstegen, Vern Gambetta, Todd Wright, Rob Shaul and the many other great coaches that I have spoken or listened to over the years for inspiring me and being influential in “my” programs. These exercises I prescribe are not really “my” exercises, I did not invent any of these. They are an influence of different performance coaches that I have seen, read, listened, or performed at some point in my career.