What type of exercises will I perform?

You will squat, lunge, clean, push press, bench press, push up, pull up row, run, jump, hop, bound, balance, rotate and throw.

What type of equipment do you have?
I have a power plate and a keiser functional trainer and power rack but you will generally use med balls, core balls, barbells, kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, sandbags, trx, rings, stability balls, bosu, core boards, balance pads, ropes, plyos and most importantly your bodyweight.

Who trains with you?
I have trained every type of athlete from teenagers to professional athletes to active adults. I train any person who wants to push themselves and get the unlimited results from hard work.

Why should I train with you?
You will be challenged physically and mentally every time you exercise. Your workouts will never repeat themselves so you will not get bored. Your workouts will focus on movement, balance, and core strength in a gym without using machines.

Will you train me if I have not worked out in a long time?
Yes, your workouts will be progression based therefore you are encouraged to start with a newer group. You would not be expected to keep up with clients that are more experienced until a foundation is established.

How much do you charge? When do you bill?
Group sessions (Max 4) $40 per
Boot camp $15 per
1-1 Current client $60 per
1-1 New client $80 per
Once you are scheduled to workout, unless you cancel your workout before 7 pm the evening before, you will be charged for your session.
You will be billed by e-mail at the end of every month.
Brockermeyer LLC is operating entity for Brockermeyer Core Performance.

Why did I get charged when I did not attend the session?
If you are signed up on the scheduler you are expected to attend the session or remove your self from it by 7pm the evening before. I can only accommodate a small number of clients at one time. I expect you to be accountable for your scheduling just like you expect me to be accountable for my coaching. If you are not on the scheduler you are not allowed to attend the workout. Obviously, emergency situations will be considered.

Where do you train?
Group sessions will always meet at 413 Crestwood Dr. Ft. Worth TX 76107 and from there we may go to different training venues.
Boot camp 9700 Saints Circle Ft. Worth TX 76108 Mcnair Stadium.
Summer Kid’s SC 9700 Saints Circle Ft. Worth TX 76108 Mcnair Stadium or HS gym.

How do I get started?
Email me to get a password or go to the scheduler.

Do you work with offensive linemen or combine athletes?
Yes, contact me for more information.